Drizzle – a new MySQL fork

There is a new MySQL fork that recently went GA called “Drizzle”. It is written by former developers of MySQL and is open-source. It’s designed to be fast, lightweight and optimized for the cloud.


Since databases are a part of every Business Intelligence implementation, I’m going to investigate how easy it is to install, deploy and configure.

I built out a VM using Alpha 3 build of Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu 11).  Since there is already an Ubuntu package, the deployment went smoothly.

As expected, the Alpha build of Ubuntu has some stability issues (for example, the new Unity interface didn’t load until the VM was launched a second time and some random components crashing). However, these do not seem to impact Drizzle.

My intent is to give Drizzle a test run by running some code that I wrote for MySQL 5.1 and note the differences. This will be closer to what someone would do if conducting some light SQL development and will not go into more advanced administration such as trying to test its capabilities for massive concurrency or clustered systems.

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