DASHbay Service Offerings

DASHbay service offerings have been designed to quickly and efficiently put data to work for you. We gather, store, and make sense of the data that is key to your business. Our offerings cover every part of the data flow, from data acquisition through data visualizations. Generally, your needs are met through a single offering, or combinations of several.

Here’s a quick summary of DASHbay offerings. Please choose the individual offerings to learn more about each.

Quick AnalysisDesigned to quickly make sense of a specific data set. Typically, we build this solution in the cloud with open source or low-cost software, avoiding hardware and software procurement costs and delays. A great way to get started now!
Data Analysis Service HostingWe build and operate the data analysis solution for you, including data models and visualizations. Typically deployed on your own dedicated, secure cloud-based server.
Data Factory: Operational Data StreamsWe build and support data pipelines to make sure the data you use for reporting is up to date.
Data AcquisitionWe develop and support solutions which gather data from anywhere you need: from websites, APIs, files, databases …
OEM analytics for applicationsIf you’ve built an application and now want to add analytic capabilities into it, we can make that happen.

Besides these defined service offerings, DASHbay takes on projects that draw on our skillsets and tools.

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DASHbay Partnerships

DASHbay is pleased to be a Splunk partner and reseller. This excellent technology lets us get at your complex, scattered, loosely structured BIG DATA and make sense of it quickly. As compared to Hadoop, Splunk installations give results much faster. The trade-off is that Splunk is a commercial tool … a GOOD one! Splunk-logo