Data Integration

Every day brings more opportunities to use external data in your business products and processes.

Data is available from many different sources:

  • file download, in a variety of possible formats
  • business-to-business APIs
  • internal and external databases
  • public data sources
  • unstructured sources, including
    • log files
    • websites

To keep up and capitalize on these opportunities, you need to be able to add new data sources quickly. And you need these new data integration pipelines to be reliable.

DASHbay understands data integration problems: how to evaluate cadence, type, exceptions handling, volume, etc. We build production data integration solutions, large and small. Once built, we can operate them for you, or turn them over to your production resources.

We have a variety of automation strategies for getting data. Once the data integration is fully automated, DASHbay’s global reach allows us to set up reliable but low-cost operations centers. These centers will monitor the data flow and respond rapidly to data outages. Our team will be alerted and will get the data pipeline open again quickly — usually before you notice an interruption.

Components of this solution include:

  • integration scripts for gathering data from disparate sources
  • data models for collection and staging
  • user interface tools for control operations

This service is ideal when

  • You need to gather data from different sources
  • Some sources might not be designed for data automation (i.e. unstructured sources)
  • You want the option of running in-house or delegating day-to-day support to a vendor