Data Analysis Service Hosting

DASHbay offers Data Analysis Service Hosting (D.A.S.H.), a package of analytics consulting and solution hosting designed to rapidly design, build, deploy and operate a scalable solution to your data challenge. This is the package that puts the DASH in DASHbay (now you know)!

1. We understand your problem

We work with you to quickly understand your problem and show you workable alternatives, expressed as reports and dashboards of KPIs, hosted on cloud servers.

2. We implement solution

We implement the solution you choose, and fully operationalize the data flows so that results stay current.

3. We host and operate it

The solution is hosted in the cloud and accessed securely: you install no software. We maintain the data flows and support the report server.

4. Easily integrate it into your own web apps

We can build elements of the visualization to be portable. We can give you javascript to imbed into your own web applications.

This service is ideal when

  • You want a complete, custom, hosted solution
  • You want DASHbay to manage the solution, including data flows and online systems
  • You want a server-based solution accessible with its own URL, but you might also want to push some visualizations into your existing apps as widgets
  • You like the flexibility of knowing the solution can be moved into your data center if you wish
  • You may have complex authentication and permissioning requirements for getting at the data visualizations