OEM Analytics for Applications

DASHbay’s tools and custom analytics can be OEM’d into your web properties and other applications, including SaaS websites and shrink-wrapped products.


Our lightweight, Java-based BI technologies have several advantages over larger, more monolithic commercial alternatives.

  • our technologies are typically open source, so we can modify them as needed to help them play nicely with your existing applications.
  • the open source technologies we choose tend to have good component-based architectures. They have been designed with integration in mind.

We work with you

DASHbay works with the customer to design and implement high-usability interfaces, consisting of UI for accessing and requesting reports, and the reports themselves.

This solution is ideal when

  • you have or are building an application
  • your application lacks satisfactory bundled analytics
  • you seek to keep analytics licensing costs low
  • you want the options of either building the analytics yourself, or outsourcing this work to DASHbay