Data Management

In Business Intelligence, it’s too easy to forget about the plumbing that makes it all work. DASHbay doesn’t forget, and can mind the mill while you focus on baking the bread.

In a world of exploding data sources and decreasing storage costs, the movement of data from collection through to reporting is complex, and requires specific disciplines. Mess this up, and even the best-designed reports give you wrong answers. Data has to move and be manipulated in the correct way at the correct time, providing different aggregations and supporting many business processes.

DASHbay can help

  • design/development
    • operational data streams
    • monitoring applications, including alerting
  • low-cost production support services

DASHbay works from its low-cost data integration toolkit, including proven open source technologies like Talend. But we don’t just write a pile of transport code: we tie it all together into an organized and coherent data factory, specific to your data domain and your business.

This service is ideal when

  • Your organization needs to regularly move and transform data
  • Data changes or new data arrives, and reporting requires fresh data to be accurate
  • You want manageable data flows
  • You want the options of managing the production pipeline yourself, or outsourcing it to DASHbay
  • You may have business processes that require staff intervention, such as online reviews of the data before it is used in reporting