Quick Analysis

Our clients often need to make sense of a specific data set … to learn something new or to provide a quick reporting solution.

Time and cost both need to be kept to a minimum. Urgency is the key word. The Quick Analysis practice delivers.

Your data set is securely uploaded to a dedicated cloud server. No waiting for procurement processes and costs. No sharing a database with other tenants.

We do the necessary data modeling and ETL. We build customized data visualizations to help you make sense of the data. We give you a secure URL to access the solution. Results in days, not months.

Results in Days

We use rapid, iterative development cycles to quickly build useful views of your data. It’s Agile BI put to use for you.

Depending on the size and complexity of customer data, working solutions may appear within days of engagement.

This service is ideal when

  • You have a pressing need to rapidly make sense of a specific data set
  • You might not yet have a well-developed sense of what metrics are ideal, and need to be shown some alternatives quickly
  • The analysis may be a one-off… or it may evolve into a fully operationalized production system
  • You like the flexibility of knowing the solution can be moved into your data center if you wish