Recent Projects

  • Account Retention
  • Transaction Latency
  • Data Integration Monitoring and Alerting
  • Unstructured Data Acquisition
  • Invoice Reconcilement
  • Emissions Reduction
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For some of the applications described here and built for clients, we have constructed demonstrations with fictitious data. Those demos are made available on request.

Account Retention — a key performance indicator of any business is how long customer relationships last. Working with one of our customers, we modeled an account base decay curve, which can be looked at from any point in time over a specific duration. We can trend, for instance, how well we retained customers acquired last year versus how well we retain customers acquired now.

Transaction Latency — a key operational performance indicator of an online site is how much time passes from the point a potential customer visits until a sale is recorded. In complex partner models, this latency could be long enough to require specific attention and improvement. Our Transaction Latency tool measures this timeline, and identifies the areas which require improvement.

Data Integration Monitoring/Alerting — a fully-operationalized production data stream has many moving pieces. The bottom line is whether the data got from point A to point B as needed and when expected. Our monitoring dashboard provides a quick check-up on the health of multiple data streams; alerting built over it notifies interested parties at two different levels of severity when tardiness thresholds are exceeded.

Unstructured Data Acquisition — Data comes from many sources: databases, APIs, files. Sometimes, data is in structured form, meaning a defined, repeatable format, like rows and columns in a database. At other times, it can only be acquired from unstructured or loosely structured sources, such as a web page that changes frequently, or log files which intermingle many lines of text. Using proprietary in-house tools, DASHbay can write custom routines which turn unstructured into structured data, and make it available on a regular cadence. One implementation pulls data from web pages, using scripts to operate the page navigation and to scrape rows and columns to a waiting data feed. Supporting this application, we implemented monitoring and alerting to maintain high availability.

Invoice Reconcilement — a complex online business often includes an array of automated data flows, sometimes measuring the same traffic from different points of view. When money is at stake, difference between the views can be critical to earnings. Invoice Reconcilement, or similar reconcilement processes, use algorithmic matching to compare different views of a transaction and resolve differences. This can be critical to proper payment of referral fees, commissions, and customer billings.

Emissions Reduction — working with a project manager in the carbon swap space, DASHbay built a dashboard of worldwide emission reductions, which included the ability to drill to background information about specific countries.

[Your Application Here] — DASHbay specializes in data analysis and management skillsets with wide applicability to business problems. We don’t specialize in any particular industry segment or data domain. If our skills are relevant to solving your problem, we don’t care if that problem is new to us … in fact, we prefer it! We’re eager to expand the depth and breadth of our skillsets.