Business Intelligence (BI) is the analysis and reporting of data to facilitate better decision-making.

Software and techniques in this field are sophisticated, and this sophistication has come at a price, in both money and effort. This has put the practical benefits of BI beyond the reach of many corporate budgets: small and medium enterprises, or individual departments within larger entities.

Results at the Speed of Business

Recent trends create an opportunity for DASHbay to lower the price point and shorten timelines to deliver effective BI to its customers:

  • some commercial tools such as Tableau offer tremendous value for the money, considering ease of use and speed of development
  • open source BI tools are available for relational databases and reporting, eliminating license barriers and greatly lowering costs
  • cloud computing allows the prefabrication and rapid deployment of solution stacks, facilitating rapid starts to BI projects
  • agile development methods ingrain the habit of rapid, iterative delivery of small incremental pieces of the solution

DASHbay is focused on Agile BI using light weight tools in cloud deployments. We set up cloud-based server deployments built from carefully chosen open-source software components. The results, executed in the cloud, can be integrated into your existing web applications, wherever they run.

Specific Technologies

  • Commercial BI and data management – Tableau, Qlikview,SQL*Server,SSIS
  • Open Source Business Intelligence – BIRT, Pentaho
  • Open Source Data Acquisition and Management – Talend, SPLUNK (featured partner)
  • Open Source Databases – postgresql, mysql
  • Authentication and Access Security – OpenSSO, OpenIM
  • Cloud Provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Open Source Content Management – Drupal


Talk to us about technologies appropriate to your requirements. We’ll work with you to identify the perfect stack of technologies to solve your business problems!